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A few words before we start...

Written because a certain someone *cough cough* was both not maintaining his bot and requesting money for the source to be publically released, Fortuna is an IRC bot that plays games similar to Wheel of Fortune (with a few differences). It supports games with less than three players (and potentially games with more than three players, if demand warrants such); the ability to use custom game layouts to alter the wheel, timing of rounds/tossups, bonus prizes, etc.; and multiple games running concurrently on multiple separate channels.

You can find Fortuna on, primarily in the channel #fortune.

What's missing

What's bugged

What might be bugged

Open source?

Well ... it is now. The source is available on GitHub, though keep in mind it requires the XIRC2 Base to run.
{Intro | Rules | Commands | Etc}



If you've seen Wheel of Fortune in any of its incarnations, you should have at least a basic idea of what's going on. If not, well, I'll eventually write something up here.


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Outside of a game


During a round, for anyone in game

During a round, for the player taking a turn

Operator only commands


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