Listing contents of [RustedLogic/wof-puzzles/] > Directory Information < This folder contains the full puzzle banks for various Wheel of Fortune console / handheld games. Unless mentioned otherwise in the puzzle bank text files, all the files here were ripped from the appropriate games by myself, Inuyasha. All information contained within is accurate to the best of my ability. Any typographical errors you see in these text files, or any other oddities you might stumble across with relation to the puzzles or their categories, are present in the actual games that they come from. *** KNOWN CLONES *** SNES: Puzzle list is almost identical to the Genesis version, except for the removal of a few puzzles (e.g.: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG) PC (1999): These PC versions, both the First and Second Editions, are similar to the two PSX releases; however, the PC First edition contains some typographical errors in a few puzzles that were corrected in the PSX release. The file "PCvsPSX1.txt" lists these corrected puzzles. DS: Identical to the Wii version. > Directories < NAME SUBDIRS FILES -> .. - - -> flash 0 1 -> genesis 0 1 -> nes-gametek 0 1 -> nes-rare 0 3 -> psx 0 3 -> scd 0 1 -> wii 0 1 > Files < TYPE NAME ^ FILESIZE MODIFIED [file] dirinfo.txt 1,088 10.24.2014 06:09:37 © Inuyasha 2012-2014 time: 0.000481 sec.